Handling Redundancy

Published on 05 June 2024

In-Person Event


No employer will find the experience of making employees redundant easy or pleasant.  However, where redundancies are necessary following good principles of redundancy management will help protect against tribunal claims as well as minimising the stress for departing employees and the potentially negative impact on redundancy survivors’ morale.  This seminar will cover key areas such as the legal definition, the importance of proper consultation, application of a fair and consistent selection criteria, redundancy policies and procedures and the calculation of redundancy payments.

Who should attend

The seminar will be relevant to anyone who may have to face or deal with a potential redundancy situation.  This includes human resource practitioners, trade union representatives, line managers, supervisors, team leaders, employee representatives or employers.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this seminar attendees will know how to:

  • Consider alternatives to compulsory redundancy.
  • Select for redundancy.
  • Conduct a redundancy exercise.
  • Calculate a redundancy payment.

Date and Time:  Tuesday 9th July 2024 (10.00am – 12.30pm).

Presenters:  Paddy-Ann Moore and Owen Brown

Registered attendees will receive a copy of the slide deck in PDF format in advance of the seminar via email.

We seek to continuously develop and improve our events.  Please take a few minutes at the end of the seminar to complete a short survey.  We would welcome your feedback.

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