Trade Union duties and activities

An employee who is an official of an independent trade union which is recognised by the employer must be allowed reasonable time off with pay during working hours to:

  • carry out those duties as an official which relate to matters for which the employer has recognised the union, or any other functions which the employer has agreed the union may perform;
  • consult with the employer, or receive information from the employer, about mass redundancies or business transfers; or
  • undergo training relevant to those duties and which is approved by the Trades Union Congress, or the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, or the independent union of which he is a member.

An employee who is a member of an independent trade union, which is recognised by the employer, is entitled to reasonable time off for certain trade union activities.

The employer is not obliged to pay the employee for time off for these activities.

The LRA Code of Practice – Time Off for Trade Union duties and activities provides guidance on the time off to be permitted by an employer.

Last updated: 03 June 2019