Preparing for the hiring process

Taking the time to carefully plan the hiring process is important and ensures that you hire an employee with the right mix of skills and characteristics for the job.

Planning the hiring process

Most employers recognise the fact that employees are their greatest asset, and the right recruitment and induction processes are vital in ensuring that a new employee becomes effective in the shortest possible time.  A mistake during the planning can be costly and could damage the future employment relationship. 

You should plan to make sure:

  • you have a clear idea of all the costs of hiring someone;
  • you follow a clear, consistent employment process;
  • you have identified the real requirements and skills needed for the job and have clearly communicated these to all job applicants;
  • the privacy and confidentiality of applicants is maintained;
  • advertising, selection and hiring decisions are made fairly and not on unlawful grounds;
  • communications with applicants are clear, with no outstanding areas of uncertainly; and
  • there is an induction process giving the employee a fair chance of reaching the expected standard of performance.

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Last updated: 24 September 2021