Index of employment-related statute (Acts and Orders) 2016-Present

The Employment Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 Ch 15

This legislation is the main enabling vehicle for the implementation of a variety of employment law reforms (to be introduced via Regulations during 2017) including – the introduction of the system of early conciliation via the Labour Relations Agency, amendments to the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistle-blowing) legislation to bring Northern Ireland into line with reforms that began in 2013 and continued into 2016, reforms regarding the industrial and fair employment tribunal, the use of the term employment judge, the possibility for future provisions regarding the use of zero hours contracts, provisions to be made regarding gender pay gap reporting for Summer 2017 and other matters regarding responsibility for career guidance, apprenticeships and other miscellaneous technical reforms.

Employment Act (Northern Ireland) 2016

The Data Protection Act (2018)

This Act, effective from 25/5/18 essentially is the vehicle for the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which updates the existing 1998 legislation with more specific responsibilities and obligations in areas such as - consent, the right to be forgotten, data breaches, fines, obligations of processers and controllers and so on.

Data Protection Act 2018