• An independent mediator can sometimes help resolve grievance or disciplinary issues. There is no charge for using the Labour Relations Agency's mediation service.

  • We offer a free conciliation service to help parties involved in a workplace dispute to come to a legally binding resolution without needing to go through a tribunal. We offer both individual conciliation and collective conciliation, for example where an issue affects a number of employees.

    From 27 January 2020 a change in NI employment law means that anyone wishing to lodge a claim with the Industrial or Fair Employment Tribunal will need to contact us first to discuss the option of 'Early Conciliation'. If agreement is not reached through Early Conciliation parties can still proceed to tribunal if they wish.

  • Those who have submitted a tribunal claim will also be offered access to the Labour Relations Agency’s Arbitration Scheme which offers a quick, non–legalistic, less formal, confidential and more cost effective alternative to a tribunal hearing.

  • The Agency also facilitates a range of independent appeals (mainly grievance, bullying / harassment and discipline), for example where the final stage of an organisation’s procedure offers the option of 'an independent appeal of the decision via the Labour Relations Agency'.

  • To make a claim to an industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal, in most circumstances employees will need to have worked continuously for the organisation for one year. There are other types of claim, for example regarding unpaid wages, holiday entitlements or discrimination, which do not require one year's continuous service.