When an employee starts work, the employer has a duty of care towards them. This includes making sure that they can do the job safely and competently.

The best way to ensure this is through a structured induction programme.

Induction will help new staff to:

  • establish themselves quickly in their job and therefore maximise their productivity;
  • become motivated to do well and fit into the business early on;
  • understand any health and safety issues relating to their job, which will not only help to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace but will help to ensure that health and safety legislation obligations are being met; and
  • understand the culture of the business.

Investing time in this process will give new workers a good grounding and will contribute to fewer mistakes being made in the long run.  The highest level of staff turnover is among new workers, so it is important that the early period spent in a new place of work leaves a good impression on them.

For more detailed information, see our leaflet in the ‘Related tools and publications section’.     

Last updated: 09 May 2019