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Landmark Holiday Pay case concluded by UK Supreme Court

06 October 2023

The long awaited decision from the Supreme Court in the case of Chief Constable of Police Service of Northern Ireland v Agnew and others [UKSC33] was passed down on the 04/10/2023.

In essence the case was about how to properly calculate holiday pay and how far back claims can go where the amount was miscalculated.

Estimating the costs of workplace conflict in Northern Ireland

15 September 2023

Workplace conflict has a negative impact on organisational performance and the working experiences of those involved. Research commissioned by the Labour Relations Agency on workplace conflict in Northern Ireland suggests that disputes took up valuable time and eroded organisational culture.

These challenges have arguably become more acute in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic with pressure on recruitment, retention, engagement and productivity.

However, leaders and policymakers may underestimate the strategic importance of managing conflict at work. Conflict management is often unseen – taking place in the shadows and behind closed doors. Until recently, lack of visibility has been exacerbated by a lack of robust data. This analysis of the costs of workplace conflict in Northern Ireland finds that 37% of workers experience conflict each year at a cost of £851m.

The report in full can be found below, while our podcast on the topic can also be found here.

LRA Pride Discussion Encourages Workplace Respect

02 August 2023

This week the Labour Relations Agency (LRA) marked Belfast’s Pride Festival week by hosting a panel discussion to help businesses and organisations manage workplace conversations on diversity issues, which some may regard as ‘difficult’ or ‘sensitive’.

Labour Relations Agency retains Bronze Diversity Mark

20 April 2023

The Labour Relations Agency has successfully retained the Bronze Diversity Charter Mark in recognition of their ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Increase in statutory rates and limits on tribunal awards 2023

30 March 2023

April sees the increase to the National living and minimum wage rates, minimum rates for agricultural workers, statutory redundancy pay, statutory payments including SSP and limits on tribunal awards.

New Beginnings for the Labour Relations Agency

27 January 2023

A new year brings new beginnings for The Labour Relations Agency (LRA) which recently moved from its former home in the iconic Cathedral Quarter of Belfast – its base for 25 years.

LRA ‘Breaks the Silence’ on Domestic Abuse

27 January 2023

New guidance for employers on supporting staff affected by domestic violence & abuse.

Lyons to bring forward Miscarriage Leave and Pay regulations for NI

24 October 2022

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons today launched a consultation which will bring forward dedicated legislation for Miscarriage Leave and Pay in Northern Ireland.  

LRA Publishes Guidance on Bank Holiday for Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

12 September 2022

The Labour Relations Agency has published guidance for employers and employees following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, in relation to the special bank holiday that has been confirmed for Monday 19 September 2022.

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The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2021 (Amendment No. 4) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2021

These Regulations are made in response to the serious and imminent threat to public health which is posed by the incidence and spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in Northern Ireland.  Effective from 24/5/21, Regulation 4 introduces an exemption for gatherings in respect of lawful industrial action.

Economy Minister welcomes new legislation to protect Northern Ireland workers

The Employment Rights (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 (Protection from Detriment in Health and Safety Cases) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2021 extends protections against detriment in health and safety cases to workers in relation to any action they may take to protect themselves or others where they reasonably believe there is serious and imminent danger in their place of work.

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Economy Minister Introduces Bill for Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay

Economy Minister Diane Dodds today introduced a Bill to the Assembly to legislate for statutory Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay in Northern Ireland.

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 Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order (Northern Ireland) 2021

The Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order (Northern Ireland) 2021 brings changes to Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity Pay, Paternity pay and Parental pay from 6 April 2021.