• Problems can arise in any workplace.  Below are some examples, though not an exhaustive list.  Employers, employees and their representatives may find it helpful to refer to the Labour Relations Agency's codes of practice, sample letters, flowcharts and guides.  Our service is confidential and all our resources are free of charge to anyone working to prevent or resolve a workplace issue in Northern Ireland.  

  • When there is an issue in the workplace, employers and employees have a number of options and steps they can take to resolve it, ranging from informal conversations to formal processes and procedures.  

  • Some issues in the workplace cannot be resolved informally so it is important that there is a fair and clear escalation process where each side meets their responsibilities.  The Labour Relations Agency can offer information, flowcharts and codes of practice to help.  We also offer confidential and impartial conciliation, mediation and arbitration services. 

    Due to a change in employment law, we will offer Early Conciliation from 27 January 2020.  The change means that anyone wishing to lodge a claim with the industrial tribunal must first make contact with the Labour Relations Agency.  We will either help to conciliate an agreement between the parties to resolve the issue, or we will provide a certificate to the prospective claimant so they can proceed to tribunal if they wish.

    The Agency is a public body with statutory responsibilities so there is no charge for our services.


  • The best way to prevent relationship problems is to have policies and procedures that are fair, constructive and clear and there should be constructive communication to address issues as quickly as possible.  We can help you to check if your policies and procedures are in line with best practice.

    However, where relationships have been damaged by events in the workplace, the Labour Relations Agency can provide impartial and confidential mediation, conciliation or arbitration support to help resolve the situation.