Pregnancy and Maternity Rights -The Law and Good Practice- A Guide for Employers

This publication is divided into three main parts:

Part 1

This Part is a guide to good practice. It describes the reasonably practical steps which the Equality Commission recommends that employers should take in order to promote equality of opportunity in employment for new and expectant mothers and to comply with the employment and anti-discrimination laws relating to pregnancy and maternity. This Part does not describe in detail the underlying legal provisions and principles that regulate the subject and upon which the good practice recommendations are based. Those matters are described in Part 2.

Part 2

This Part sets out and explains the underlying legal provisions and principles which underpin the good practice recommendations made in Part 1.


These contain some additional information such as notes about other sources of information and advice. Appendix 1 sets out a Model Maternity Policy.

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Last updated: 19 March 2019