Advice on Non-union Representation in the Workplace

This guide is for employers and non-union workplace representatives. It gives advice on the provision of time off, training and facilities to enable non-union representatives to carry out their duties. It covers statutory and non-statutory representatives.

The guide provides advice on good practice based on the Agency’s experience of working with employers and workplace representatives to build effective methods of communication and consultation between management and representatives. In order to be effective in their role representatives need the security of knowing that they can gain time off with pay, be trained and have access to communication and other facilities.

Employers, in turn, need assurance that these are legitimate requests and that they will be made with due regard to business circumstances.

The Agency’s experience is that there is much benefit to be gained by drawing up an agreement to regulate the operation of time off arrangements and ensure there are realistic expectations held by all involved. The guide spells out the issues and factors to be taken into account in designing and operating time off provisions. This guide, as explained in the preface, has no standing in law.

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Last updated: 13 February 2024