Employer-led Early Conciliation

Early Conciliation is available to employers who are dealing with a workplace dispute which could result in a claim being made to the Industrial or Fair Employment Tribunal. The employer's representative can also contact us to request Early Conciliation on the employer's behalf. 


What is Early Conciliation?

Early Conciliation is a free dispute resolution service offered by the Labour Relations Agency to help employers and employees to reach agreement without the stress and cost of going through the Industrial or Fair Employment Tribunal.  The Labour Relations Agency is impartial and our services are confidential, which means that discussions that take place during conciliation cannot be used in any subsequent tribunal hearing.

Getting started

Once we have received your online Early Conciliation notification form one of our Conciliation Officers will be in touch.  If all parties are willing to try conciliation, we will set up a meeting to discuss the issues and see where there could be scope to find a resolution.  Agreement reached through conciliation (a settlement) is legally binding.  Where conciliation does not reach an agreed settlement, we will send a letter to both parties confirming contact with the Labour Relations Agency.  The employee may then proceed to tribunal without making an Early Conciliation notification.


  1. Do you have the employee's / employees' permission for us to make contact to offer the option of Early Conciliation?
  2. Do you have the names, addresses and contact details for parties involved or their representatives?
  3. You are ready to complete our online Early Conciliation notification form.

Start your Early Conciliation notification

An employer or employer's representative can make an Early Conciliation notification when there is a workplace dispute which could end in a tribunal claim.

Last updated: 05 February 2020