New CEO for Labour Relations Agency

Published on 12 November 2020
Added by Keelin Kelly

The Labour Relations Agency has appointed Don Leeson as its new Chief Executive Officer. 

Mr Leeson will take up the role on 1 December 2020, following the retirement of Tom Evans after five years at the Agency’s helm.

Chair of the Labour Relations Agency, Marie Mallon, said: “The Board is delighted to welcome Don Leeson to the role of CEO at this incredibly challenging time for Northern Ireland’s labour market and economy.  Having spent three years as Director of Corporate Services at the Agency, and previously having worked in our dispute resolution team, Don brings invaluable experience to the role.  He is already acutely aware of the difficulties faced by employers, employees, workers and independent contractors in Northern Ireland, as Covid-19 continues to cause massive disruption.  As a member of the Senior Leadership Team Don has played a key role in determining how best to support employers and workers in Northern Ireland.  We have great confidence that Don will continue to lead the Labour Relations Agency in making a really positive contribution to employment relations and helping all our customers to navigate the tough times ahead.

“The Board also wishes to give our warmest and sincerest thanks to Tom Evans who has been a terrific Chief Executive and delivered so much over the last five years.  The organisation has undergone significant transformation under Tom’s leadership to better support employers and employees across Northern Ireland.  Tom also led the organisation’s creation and delivery of the new Early Conciliation service, which people are now required to consider before making a claim to the Industrial or Fair Employment Tribunal.  We would furthermore like to express our great appreciation for Tom’s hard work and unwavering commitment to providing the best possible support to the Labour Relations Agency’s customers and political leaders during the incredible challenges created by the pandemic over the last seven months.  The Board wishes Tom a very well-earned, enjoyable retirement,” concluded Marie.