Labour Relations Agency’s New North West Office Open for Business

Published on 21 June 2019
Added by Keelin Kelly

The Labour Relations Agency has moved to a new location in Derry/Londonderry’s Richmond Chambers in The Diamond.  The more accessible city centre office has newly refurbished seminar and meeting rooms for the delivery of the Agency’s dispute resolution and advisory services.

Patrick McAuley, Employment Relations Manager at the Londonderry/Derry Office, explained:

“The Labour Relations Agency has two offices, a head office in Belfast and a regional office in Derry/Londonderry.  The Agency provides free information and support for employers and employees right across Northern Ireland, so the aim of our regional office is to be within easier reach for those in the west and north-west.

“Having an office in the north-west also allows the Labour Relations Agency to work more closely with partners such as local councils and Invest NI to ensure that businesses are equipped with information and resources to help them implement best employment practice.  One of our most successful, recent initiatives has been the delivery of a certificate in Line Management, which we are planning to run again this year,” said Patrick.

The Labour Relations Agency is a public body tasked with improving employment relations in Northern Ireland and promoting best employment practice.  It offers a number of services covering dispute prevention and advisory work, such as its employment document vetting service and programme of workshops, seminars and briefings on key topics within the areas of Human Resources and employment legislation.  The Agency has a dedicated team to take calls and provide information to anyone in Northern Ireland with a workplace query, whether they are employees, workers, employers, trade unions or other representative bodies.  The Workplace Information Service is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm on 03300 555 300. 

The Labour Relations Agency also has statutory responsibility to offer conciliation services where a claim has been made to an employment tribunal, or where there is potential for a claim to be made.  It provides additional dispute resolution services such as mediation, arbitration and independent appeals.  The Agency’s conciliation and arbitration services provide a quicker and less stressful and costly alternative to a tribunal.  The process is less legalistic but agreements and decisions are legally binding.  Anyone involved in conciliation, mediation or arbitration, or who would like more information about the Agency’s advisory work or programme of events, can contact the Agency on 03300 552 220.  All of the Labour Relations Agency’s services are free of charge, confidential and impartial.  Visit for more information.