Employment Law NI and GB - The Differences

Published on 11 August 2019

Briefing Highlights

This briefing is intended to give participants an overview of the main differences between employment law in Northern Ireland (NI) as compared with Great Britain (GB).  Employment law is a devolved matter in NI and in recent years reforms that have occurred in GB have not been replicated in NI thus creating several distinct differences in core areas of employment law such as unfair dismissal and the law as it relates to trade unions and industrial action.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this briefing, participants will:

  • Be aware that there are over 20 significant areas of difference in employment law between the two jurisdictions.
  • Be able to recognise the ramifications of core differences in employment law in NI as compared to GB.
  • Be prepared for potential changes in employment law in NI in the coming months.
  • Be able to apply the knowledge gained in their own areas of interest accordingly.

The briefing will start at 9.30am and will finish at approximately 10.30am.

Event Details


Labour Relations Agency
2-16 Gordon Street
Belfast BT1 2LG
United Kingdom

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