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Employment Legislation

Welcome to the Labour Relations Agency’s employment legislation link pages. These pages contain a summary of the content of and a link to various pieces of employment legislation. See Using these Pages below for guidance on accessing the legislation listed here. There are two broad categories of legislation listed here. These are:

  • Primary legislation – this includes a chronological list of (employment) Acts of Parliament, which apply to the whole of the UK, e.g. Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Orders in Council, which are specific to Northern Ireland, e.g. The Employment Rights (Northern Ireland) Order 1996. - Index Of Employment Related Statutes For Northern Ireland

  • Secondary legislation – this includes a chronological list of Statutory Rules which are known as Statutory Instruments. Primary Legislation often provides for Ministers to make more detailed Orders, Rules or Regulations which are drafted by the legal office of the Government Department concerned, the Department for Employment and Learning. Statutory Rules often provide more detail on the application and meaning of the provision outlined in the Primary Legislation. A good example of this is the Statutory Dispute Resolution Procedures. The broad framework for these procedures was outlined in The Employment (Northern Ireland) Order 2003 and the detail of the procedures was provided for in the Employment (Northern Ireland) Order 2003 (Dispute Resolution) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2004.

The hyper-links to the actual legislation come from a variety of sources including: the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI), Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, the UK Statute Law Database, and The Northern Ireland Statutory Publications Office.

Users should note that OPSI links are “unrevised” meaning they are not updated and appear as originally enacted, whereas Statute Law Database links are “revised” meaning they have subsequent statutory amendments incorporated into them periodically.

Using these pages

The hyper-links on the right hand side provide access to Primary Legislation and Secondary Legislation. When you select Primary Legislation you will be taken to a list of employment related statutes from 1871-2007 which are grouped into chronological order in 4 year groups. Simply select the appropriate grouping to access a list of all the legislation in that 4 year period.

When you select Secondary Legislation you will be taken to a chronological list of Statutory Rules. Simply select the hyper-link for a particular year to access a list of all the legislation in that period.

We have provided a summary for each piece of legislation to enable you to determine if it is the appropriate Act/Order/Rule etc that you are seeking.

If you do not know the relevant year of the piece of legislation that you are seeking then you may wish to do a general search on either the or the database.

Please note that the Labour Relations Agency cannot be held responsible for the contents of external websites.