Ninth Guiding Principle – Capacity Building

(Accepted with commentary by the N.I. Executive on 27/09/07)


This Guiding Principle seeks to encourage Government to assist employers and staff with preparations for transitions under the RPA.

Guiding Principle

The Commission is mindful that some capacity building work has already commenced. However, the Commission recommends that the Executive require current and prospective employers, at the appropriate time, to:

  • Develop and implement a capacity building strategy, which will enable and support staff through the transition period, and
  • Co-operate and collaborate at both sectoral and cross-sectoral levels during the development and implementation of their capacity building strategies.

Associated Recommendation

A best practice capacity building strategy might include:

  • Clarity around staffing and skills requirements
  • A plan to:
  • make the most effective use of existing skills:
  • retain critical skills, experience and knowledge, and
  • reposition these as necessary by redeployment.
  • An identification of skills gaps, and a recruitment, training and development plan to fill identified gaps.
  • Provision for performance management and personal development plans with the aims of ensuring that staff have a clear understanding of how their role contributes to fulfilling customers’ needs and promoting a shared sense of purpose.
  • Specific provision to enable and support staff who are:
  • at risk of redundancy;
  • competing for posts pre and post transfer;
  • facing substantial changes in employer, job function, responsibilities or location, and
  • undergoing a major change of culture, for example moving from central to local government

Such provision might include, but not be limited, to career counselling, retraining, interview skills and techniques or other identified needs.

  • Provision for interchange including secondment, and the freer flow of staff between and within public services.

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