Pre-Claim Conciliation Explained

The number and extent of individual employment rights have increased dramatically.  This has led to a greater number of claims being lodged with the Industrial Tribunal where workers and employees allege that their employment rights have been breached.  It makes good business sense to resolve disputes in the workplace at the earliest opportunity.

Where a problem or disagreement in the workplace is likely to lead to a tribunal claim the Labour Relations Agency will often be able to help employers and employees find a solution that is acceptable to both. This service is known as Pre-Claim Conciliation.  It can save you the time, stress and expense normally associated with a tribunal claim.

Issues referred for Pre-claim Conciliation are dealt with by Conciliation Officers who talk through the problem, outline your options, discuss the benefits of the service and answer any questions you may have.

We do not impose outcomes or make judgements on the rights or wrongs of the matter in dispute; we simply try to help people settle their differences on their own terms.

The booklet which explains how we can help is available to download from the  link on this page

To contact the Conciliation and Arbitration Department telephone 028 9032 1442 (and press Option 2)

The Labour Relations Agency Helpline can give information and advice about employment rights, but is not able to assist with preparing or presenting a claim to the tribunal. Telephone 028 9032 1442 (and press Option 1)

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Last updated: 20 March 2019