No 224 The Trade Union Ballot and Elections ( Independent Scrutineer Qualifications) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2017

These Rules come into operation on 17/12/17 and relate to Articles 15, 49, 77 and 106 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Northern Ireland) Order 1995 which requires certain ballots and elections that trade unions are required to hold by statute to be supervised by a qualified independent person, known as a “scrutineer”, appointed by the trade union. 


This Order amends the Trade Union Ballots and Elections (Independent Scrutineer Qualifications) Order (Northern Ireland) 2010. It amends the list of bodies specified by name as being qualified for appointment as a scrutineer. A body specified by name may be appointed as a scrutineer of a ballot or election provided that the trade union has no grounds for believing— (a) that the person or body will carry out his functions less than competently; or . (b) that the independence of the person or body in relation to the union, or the ballot or election, is open to question.

The amended list of independent scrutineers is now as follows - Electoral Reform Services Limited; Involvement and Participation Association; Popularis Limited; Print Image Network Limited (trading as UK Engage); Democracy Technology Limited (trading as Mi-Voice); and Kanto Elect Limited

Last updated: 26 March 2019