Employment Rights Qualifying Periods

Qualifying Period - Day 1


  • Protection from unfair dismissal for reasons including maternity, parental and paternity leave; undertaking activities aimed at improving health and safety; refusal to work on Sundays; assertion of rights under Working Time Regulations; performance of duties as trustee of occupational pension scheme;
  • performance of functions as employee representative; making a protected disclosure; assertion of statutory rights, including right to National Minimum Wage and right to certain credits; claim for union recognition; trade union reason; part-time worker status.
  • 26 weeks' ordinary maternity leave and additional maternity leave
  • Paid adoption leave
  • Protection from discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, civil partnership status, marital status, age and disability.

Qualifying Period – 1 Month


  • At least one week’s notice of termination of contract.
  • Guarantee payment in case of lack of work.
  • Payment of salary during suspension on medical grounds.
  • Right not to be dismissed on medical grounds.

Qualifying Period – 2 Months


A written statement of the particulars of employment (to be received no later than two months after starting employment).

Qualifying Period – 3 Months


  • Option to join stakeholder pension scheme.

Qualifying Period – 26 Weeks


  • Two weeks' paid paternity leave
  • Statutory Adoption Pay.
  • Statutory Maternity Pay.
  • Flexible Working Rights.

Qualifying Period – 1 Year


  • Protection from unfair dismissal for reasons other than those specifically listed in the relevant pieces of legislation, including dismissal without following the correct statutory procedure.

Qualifying Period – 2 Years


  • At least one week’s notice for each year of continuous employment.
  • Redundancy payment and time off to look for other work or to arrange training


Redundancy payments


Redundancy payments

Telephone Enquiry Point

The Agency’s Enquiry Point is available to employers, employees, trade unions and others. Enquiry Point advisors provide information and advice on a wide range of employment matters. The Enquiry Point is also an important contact point for identifying circumstances, or clients, who would benefit from being referred to other Agency services.

The Enquiry Point provides clear, confidential, independent and impartial advice to assist the caller in resolving issues in the workplace.

While the advisors cannot provide a legal opinion they can help callers gain a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities as well as identifying possible options to help resolve their issues.

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