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Small businesses

Help for small Businesses to get it right

April/June 2015

If you own a small business you need to keep paper work to a minimum but not cut corners when it comes to employment law. But without any in-house HR support this can be harder said than done.

Faced with a long list of business needs - like taking on a new member of staff, changing working practices and dealing with discipline and grievances - where do you start?

Check you are ‘Getting it Right’ - the Agency has taken issues facing all small businesses and distilled employment law and good practice into a series of short leaflets.

Get help if you are Getting it Wrong - LRA pre-claim conciliation  can help if you are faced with a dispute at work

Getting it Right

Small Business Leaflets

1. Know the law pdf 56KB

2. Plan your employment needs pdf 71KB

3. Recruiting people pdf 87 KB

4. Induction programme pdf 58KB

5. Pay the right rates pdf 75KB

6. The employment contract pdf 110KB

7. Rules and procedures pdf 86KB

8. Controlling absence pdf 75KB

9. Workplace communications pdf 70KB

10. Managing the performance of your employees pdf 79KB

11. Handling redundancies in a small business pdf 310KB

More advice

  • Sometimes reading a guide isn't enough. If you need help on a specific issue we have a free helpline to answer your specific questions. You can call the Labour Relations Agency’s Helpline on 028 9032 1442 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Use our A to Z of employment and Employment Questions and Answers to answer your questions or get it right with our advice leaflets
  • The Agency also has a full range of workshops, good practice seminars and briefings.  They are designed to raise awareness of relevant legislation and to promote and develop good practice. The subjects covered reflect the Agency's experience in dealing with employment issues through its advisory and dispute resolution services.

For other small business services visit nibusinessinfo(opens new window)