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Sixth Guiding Principle – Employers Statutory Obligations

(Accepted with commentary by Government on 16/01/07)


This Guiding Principle recommends that a Code of Practice is drawn up detailing employer’s statutory obligations and should refer to best practice available from the Labour Relations Agency.

Guiding Principle

The Commission recommends that employers:

  • Consult public service employers and trade unions on drawing up a Code of Practice, providing employers with detailed information on the statutory obligations of employers relevant to the implementation of the Review of Public Administration, highlighting advice on best practice available from the Labour Relations Agency and providing signposts for employers to sources of further information such as the Industrial Court.

Associated Recommendations

The Commission recommends that employers:

  • Familiarise themselves with their statutory obligations, their employees’ statutory individual rights, the rights of trade unions and if necessary seek legal opinion on any suspects which they are unsure.
  • Take the necessary steps to communicate with employees, trade unions and other representatives (a duty which employers already have and which is accepted by Government in accordance with the Commission’s 1st Guiding Principle on Communications).
  • Share key information and best practice across the sectors.

Further Guidance/Information

LRA Statutory Rules 2005 – No. 47 The Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2005