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Migrant workers

The Labour Relations Agency’s unique statutory role and set of responsibilities means that it is critical for the Agency to have a multi-layered strategy to meet the employment rights needs of migrant workers and their employers.


It has been widely recognised that the phenomenon of inward migration for employment purposes has been of enormous benefit to the local economy and has provided genuine community enhancement through cultural diversity. The central government response to this migration in Northern Ireland has been more focused since the accession of the A8 nations in 2004 and led to the creation of the Migrant Workers Thematic Sub-Group which brings together the entire range of public service providers and all the key voluntary bodies with the objective of devising a broad support strategy on all facets of public/statutory and voluntary provision and support. The Thematic Sub-Group then additionally oversees the strategy, monitoring development and progression while ensuring that bodies liaise to avoid duplication of publication and provision.

The Agency’s strategy has been developed in this context while seeking to meet the needs of migrant workers and their employers within the unique nature of the Agency’s services.