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A to Z of Employment - Entries for V

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Variation of Contract

An employer or employee may wish to change the terms and conditions within the contract of employment.  For such changes to be lawful they should be agreed between the parties otherwise an enforced change could potentially amount to a breach of contract. Guidance on varying a contract of employment is available in the Agency’s Advisory guide, which can be accessed using the link below.

LRA Advisory Guide Advice on agreeing and changing contracts of employment


Changes to employment contracts(opens new window)


The employment contract(opens new window)

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Vexatious Claims

Individuals who pursue claims at the Industrial Tribunal for disingenuous reasons, such as to harass or annoy an employer are at risk of having their claim struck out and being ordered to pay Costs to the Respondent for their vexatious act. new window)

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Vicarious liability

An employer can be held to be vicariously liable (as if they had committed the act themselves) for the actions of an employee if they were carried out in the course of employment.  For example, an employer could potentially be held to be vicariously liable for an act of discrimination by one employee towards another. An employers defence in such an instance is to show that they took all reasonable steps to avoid such acts occurring, for example, having clear policies and procedures and once they become aware of such an act, deal with it.

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See Discrimination

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V-time Working

V-time working is a voluntary agreement in which an employee’s hours are reduced for an agreed period, with a guarantee that full-time employment will become available at a specific date. This might be in response to the needs of either the employer or employee.

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