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A to Z of Employment - Entries for J

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Job Advertisements

An employer has an obligation to ensure that recruitment advertising is carried out in a non-discriminatory manner.  The Equality Commission have produced a useful guide to recruitment advertising(opens new window)

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Job Description

A job description is a document which provides information for an individual about the nature and duties of their role.  Guidance for employers in drawing up job descriptions and carrying out recruitment activities is available on the Business Link website.

LRA -Sample Documents to download


Writing a person specification and job description(opens new window)

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Job Evaluation

Job evaluation aims to define the worth of a job within a workplace. It does this by ranking jobs according to the demands placed upon the job holder. Job evaluation does not determine pay and it does not evaluate the person doing the job - just the job itself.

ACAS- Job evaluation: considerations and risks(opens new window)

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